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House Lift After Hurricane Sandy ...
     CCU  restored this home in Branford after Hurricane Irene in 2011, but after Hurricane Sandy in 2012  the Town of Branford required that the home be elevated to a height of 13 feet above Mean Sea Level ... in other words the house has to be elevated 7 feet.
To accomplish this goal CCU enlisted the help of Wolfe House Movers, a rigging company specializing in elevating and moving homes. CCU generated all required documentation, site surveys, permitting and notifications needed to get this project 'Off The Ground'
The pictures in the block above show the prep work used and the rigging before and after the lift. All utilities have been shut down at this point and disconnected physically from the house. Six hydraulic jacks, computer controlled are then used to raise the house in small incriments while cribbing is used to temporarily hold the elevation. This process is repeated until the desired height is reached.
After the house has been elevated and temporarily shored up, CCU begins the process of building a permanent structure under the house. In this case we are 
saving the existing foundation walls and adding a pressure treated stem wall on top. Flood vents and extensive bracing are the next step and the pictures will be added soon.
Due to a delay in receiving the SBA and FEMA funding we had to stop work temporarily on this project ...
     Funding has begun to trickle in and we have been able to start again. The foundation in the oldest part of the home was not built correctly and approximately 45' of it had to be removed and replaced before the walls could be built. Above you will see the work being done. The house is scheduled to be lowered to it's permanent elevation on July 30, 2013 and we will be able to start work on the interior as well. 
We have finished with the siding, lower access doors, exterior grading and decks. While the exterior was being completed we were also working inside and the family was  moved in on October 29th. CCU is proud to have helped this family to enjoy the holidays ' High and Dry' for the first time in a few years and will be confident that next time a hurricane hits us their property will remain safe.